IRB Authorization Agreement Request

For human participant research projects that involve collaborators at other institutions*, and in cases where another IRB will be responsible for oversight of the project.

*Note: for collaborative projects between researchers from Cornell University and Weill Cornell Medicine, please see this guidance document on the specific process to follow.



If you wish to request your collaborator’s institution be named as the IRB of Record, designated to oversee a specific project (with Cornell relying on that institution's IRB for oversight and approval), please complete the abbreviated application form linked below and submit it to the Cornell IRB office along with the following documents and information.

  • Authorization Agreement request form

Also provide:

  1. The final application form submitted to the IRB of Record
  2. The IRB approval letter for the project from the IRB of Record
  3. All study materials (recruitment, consent form, interview questions, all study instruments) submitted as part of the application to the IRB of Record
  4. Name and email address for a contact at the IRB of Record (the person who will help set up an IRB authorization/reliance agreement)
  5. If available, the authorization/reliance agreement template from the IRB of Record

If all of the above materials are not yet available, you can still submit the application form to the Cornell IRB office, with an explanation of the expected timeline for receipt of the other documents.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks for the Authorization Agreement approval and signature to be processed.