eCOI System

How to use the eCOI reporting system

The 2021 annual COI reporting cycle begins on April 6th and will run through May 10th at 10 AM.  All required personnel must complete their annual disclosures using the e-COI system during this time. Sanctions for non-compliance with reporting requirements may be imposed as specified in Cornell Policy 1.7. Click here to see the sanctions.

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Common Questions

How do I start a COI report?

You can start a report by logging into the eCOI system using your Cornell NetID and password.

What does this term mean?

Throughout eCOI, you may encounter terms which are unfamiliar to you. For a complete glossary of these terms, please see our page containing definitions of COI terms here.

What does my COI status mean?

Status Explanation of what your status means
Compensation below significant financial interest – no FCOI exists Your reported compensation is below the $5,000 threshold for a significant financial interest and you do not hold any equity interests. The relationship between your activities with the entity and your Cornell duties is limited to leveraging your scholarly expertise. No financial conflict of interest (FCOI) exists.
Disclosed interest eliminated You reported a relationship which presented a COI with your Cornell duties. However, that conflict has since been eliminated. Therefore, you no longer have a relationship which presents a COI with your Cornell research.
Disclosed interest managed The Financial Conflicts of Interest Committee (FCOIC) has determined that one or more of the relationships that you reported presents a COI with your Cornell research, and a management plan is in place to address them.
Disclosed interest unmanageable You reported a relationship which presents a COI related to your Cornell duties, and the FCOI Committee has determined that the COI cannot be managed or mitigated in accordance with Cornell policies.
Disclosed interest review complete Your circumstances are non-standard. Contact the COI office for more information.
FCOI review OR Under review You completed your COI report, and the COI office is on the process of reviewing it.
No conflict exists You received compensation from and/or hold an equity interest in an entity, but there is no relationship between it and your Cornell duties. Your relationship with the entity does not involve funding for your Cornell research, Cornell student involvement, or use of Cornell resources, name or intellectual property. No financial conflict of interest (FCOI) exists.
No FCOI: Guidance on external relationships applies Your reported relationships do not present a COI related to your research. Cornell requirements and guidelines on consulting and other external engagements apply.
No review required You did not report any external commitments or financial interests, or you did, but they are not relevant for COI reporting (Cornell; unpaid or volunteer work; or federal, state or local government agencies or another US college or university; etc.) and did not need to be reported. No financial conflict of interest (FCOI) exists.
Request information/update You completed your COI report, but the COI office needs more information from you. You will be contacted directly by COI staff regarding what information is needed.
Review required You completed your COI report and indicated that you have at least one relationship with an external entity, but the COI office has not yet reviewed your report.
Unstarted You are required to complete a COI report, but you have not yet begun it.
Unfinished You must complete a COI report and although you did start it, you have not answered all of the questions or submitted the report.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact the COI office.